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Opening Day Plans

The following is a copy of the recent parent email outlining our COVID response for opening on August 17:

Dear Parents,

After careful consideration, we have decided to require masks for all students and staff during school hours. We continue to believe it is right and good to meet together in person, and we will continue to do so as long as our building is open and everyone is healthy. Several of our students live with high-risk family members, including one who has recently begun chemotherapy treatment. In addition to Coronavirus, we want to limit the spread of other infectious diseases. By taking this precautionary action we are able to love our neighbor in a tangible way that will not only keep germs from entering their homes, but will also ease their concerns as we begin the school year. While we are not fearful for our children to be in class together, we do acknowledge that gathering together is a risk for transmission of disease and we want to protect the vulnerable among us.

We will wear masks during class time, but students will be allowed to remove masks at lunch when they will be seated in safe intervals across the lunch room. We recommend you send two masks with your child each day. The first mask will be used for morning classes, and then placed in a sealed storage bag (brought from home and kept in their backpack) when lunch begins. After eating, the student will wear their second mask for the remainder of the day. Each day, we will take temperatures with a touchless thermometer and ensure that masks fit well and block the spread of droplets. No student or staff member will be allowed to enter the building without a temperature check and adequate mask as determined by the sole discretion of the MA staff.

Additionally, we are working to finalize the details of our plan for recess as well as pick up/drop off procedures and will have that information update for you at our parent meeting on August 5th. Our classrooms will also be set up for you to tour next Wednesday. We look forward to seeing you soon at our mandatory semi-annual meeting! If you are unable to attend, please make plans to pick up your supplies and information from another MA family or liaison.

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