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Benefits of HSLDA Membership

Did you know Montgomery Academy is a Homeschool Legal Defense Association Discount Group? That means our families are eligible to receive a discount on their HSLDA membership!

(Answers quoted from HSLDA website)

Q: What is the HSLDA Discount Group Program?

The Discount Group Program was established to encourage and promote homeschool support groups by offering their members HSLDA services at a discount. Individual families who belong to an HSLDA discount group save $15 on their HSLDA membership dues, paying $115 instead of $130.

Q: What does joining HSLDA do for me?

  • Protects your right to homeschool and defends your family. A lawyer is on call 24/7.

  • Provides fast help by phone or email: Get direct answers to your specific questions about home education. Veteran homeschooling parents are available to answer your questions and help you find resources for teaching your children:

    • Toddlers to Tweens (PreK-8th grade)

    • High school (including preparing for college or career paths)

    • Struggling learners (special needs/gifted and talented)

  • Preserves homeschool freedom for all families by promoting homeschooling nationwide, as well as by working with state homeschooling groups to pass homeschool-friendly legislation and stop unfavorable bills at the state and federal levels.

  • Partners you with the cause: Although homeschooling is recognized in every state, HSLDA receives phone calls each day from families whose right to homeschool is being challenged or discriminated against by school officials, child protective services investigators, employers, colleges, armed services recruitment officers, and government bureaucrats. By joining HSLDA, you are supporting families who are fighting for their right to homeschool today and standing together to preserve homeschooling freedom for tomorrow.

Other Valuable Benefits

News and resources

  • Magazine—Our quarterly member magazine, the Home School Court Report, brings you news, case updates, what’s happening in your state, and other helpful resources.

  • Weekly updates and e-lerts—Stay on top of the latest homeschooling news and take action on homeschooling-related legislation in your state or the nation.

  • E-newsletters—Our early years, high school, and special needs e-newsletters are specifically designed to help you with your homeschooling challenges.


  • HSLDA Online Academy—Enjoy $50–$100 in savings on every online Advanced Placement course your high schooler takes through the academy.

  • HSLDA Store—Look for special member pricing throughout HSLDA’s online store.

  • HSLDA PerX program—Take advantage of exclusive member discounts and offers from national products and services.

Q: How do I join HSLDA as a Montgomery Academy Discount Member?

Check your email for our group code. If you already have a membership, or if you are affiliated with another group, you may be eligible to transfer or receive a discount. Please contact HSLDA directly through your account.

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