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Winding Down and Looking Forward

Recently, I had the privilege of attending an administrators' retreat with ChildLight Schools. One of the things they asked us to share was what God had done in our schools over the last year. Where to start?


Let’s just pick one: PROVISION. I could tell you stories of the sweet times I’ve seen or been a part of encouraging conversations and prayer. I could point to the new friendships that have grown over the last year for our students AND our parents. I could lay out the numbers and show you specifically how God has provided financially. The Lord has provided. Richly and beyond my imagining. Despite the isolation inherent to lockdowns of last year, despite economic uncertainties, despite sickness, our program has flourished. How sweet to see our kids (and parents too!) building healthy and strong relationships while diving in to a rich feast of truth, goodness, and beauty in their classrooms! I am overwhelmed by God’s provision.

Thank you all-- parents, teachers, board members, and other MA supporters for coming alongside me in this work. You have been God’s provision for me and my family. Your children have been a joy and an encouragement-- friends for my kids and a joy to be with each school day. We have some fantastic plans for next year that I can’t wait to share with you!

As we look forward to next year, I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider assisting a family in need. If I didn’t have a hand in starting this program, Montgomery Academy would not be an affordable for our family, though I would LONG to be a part of it! Most families who have decided to home educate have also made the decision to live on a single income--they’ve made sacrifices. They have also chosen to ACTIVELY and INTENTIONALLY educate and disciple their children! Let’s come alongside these families. Let’s make it viable for them to be an active voice in their children’s lives. Let’s walk with them and lighten their load.

If YOU are in need of tuition assistance, PLEASE reach out. It is a blessing and a joy to share our provisions with you. If you would like to donate, you may do so thorough PayPal or contact finance [at] for more options.

To God be the glory!


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