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Montgomery Academy was established in 2018.

It has been a joy to see the Lord's provision for us and we are looking forward to the future with great hope and anticipation. 

We are a hybrid program.

Believing that parents have the primary responsibility and privilege of educating and discipling their children, we seek to strengthen and encourage rather than replace your family. It is our desire to not only provide a solid, life-giving education for our students, but to empower families to do the same. We offer training resources, including inservice and conference times, curriculum training, and supplementary resources.

We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 9:15AM and 2:15PM. Our program runs 30 weeks from August through April. All assignments and feedback from professional teachers are provided.

We use time-tested methods.

Within a classical Christian and Charlotte Mason framework, we seek to offer excellent instruction in Literature, Logic, Writing, Art, and Science with time for processing, exploration, and creativity.

We have hired an academic advising team with a vision to assist families in dual enrollment, college credit, and career preparation after grade 10. A limited number of advisory appointments are available to area high school students in the broader community. To inquire about academic advising availibility, contact advising [at}

We believe in restful and joyful learning.

Our students enjoy a full hour of outdoor recreation. We believe this is an integral part of our learning time. We could squeeze in more classroom time, but we believe strong and healthy relationships enhance learning and contribute to the joyful learning environment found at MA. Our students truly enjoy learning and being together. 

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