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In the meantime, if you’re curious about our high school credits sheet, you can find that here!



Ready to hit the gym or be part of a team? MA families recommend:

MA Athletics Picks 2021


We have Algebra tutoring groups this year for students enrolled in any MA class. Our younger students will use Life of Fred and resources by Kate Snow. If you’re at a loss for what to use at home, here are our picks. (We even have some in the library!)

MA Math Picks 2021


Looking for lessons and events in the Clarksville/Ft. Campbell area? Looking for  a church home? Our families like these options!

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We are of the belief that not all students need a formal grammar program every year. Some students thrive under structured programs. These are the grammar programs we love!

MA Math Picks 2021


Did you know we have a lot of books and resources on campus that you are free to take home? Check out the list or email our library assistant for more information!

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