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Solving Math Problem

MA now has MATH!

Beginning in the fall of 2022, we will offer math courses for middle and high school students. See our course selection is below!

Ready to dive in? Call or text to schedule your placement assessment or email Mr. Boyd directly at: cboyd [at]

Download our math curriculum overview here!

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2022-23 Math Classes

MA math courses will balance the hybrid model (utilizing parent and teacher) while working towards increasingly autonomous learning at the upper level courses. All courses will be taught by Corey Boyd, a certified upper level math teacher with over 14 years of classroom experience. Mr. Boyd will hold regular office hours for assistance throughout the week.



Pre-Algebra will consist mostly of direct instruction, with 2 application projects (one per semester) and 2 assessments. The course will follow a teacher-made outline but will be correlated to the Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra book. This will give parents access to instructional content that coincides with what is being taught in class. The homework, however, will be given on to allow instructor customization and incorporation into Google Classroom.

Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2

These courses will consist of Inquiry labs (unit opener), Lecture, Application activities (putting skills to work), and 4 assessments (one each quarter). These courses will also use and Google Classroom for weekly assignments, but more of our in-class time will be spent doing student-focused labs and problem solving activities.



Geometry, in particular, will be oriented toward guided discovery and problem solving, with a focus on acquiring new principles through rational reasoning. The skills of Geometry are much easier to master if based in a logical foundation.


Statistics will be taught using the Advanced Placement curriculum, and will be conducted as a seminar course. The students will be responsible for their pacing and learning with the instructor acting as a facilitator, assistant and assessor. If a student desires to take the AP Stats test, they’ll need to register through a local school that’s administering the test. Assistance with this process will be available upon request.


If you have questions about placement or course details, you can reach out to Mr. Boyd directly!

cboyd [at]

Call or text:

(931) 278-9089

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